“There are not many academic programs that consistently provide interesting classes, passionate teachers at the top of their field, exposure to brilliant and famous visiting scholars, and morally challenging questions of profound importance, but that is exactly what I experienced in the MAHG program.”
-Michael Dickerman, 2011 Graduate

“The MAHG program empowered me to help my students study the darkest periods in human history, yet emerge compassionate, inspired by the resiliency of the human spirit, and more determined than ever to change the world for the better.”
-Jill Spain, 2008 Graduate

“Stockton’s MAHG program prepared me to take an active role in a very difficult educational area, teaching the Holocaust to young students in middle school, many of whom are encountering it for the first time.”
-Thomas Kennedy, 2007 Graduate

“Professors are engaged and engaging — addressing the Holocaust and other genocides from a myriad of interdisciplinary perspectives. Students are encouraged to use their individual talents to educate the public about the threat of genocide—and to do something about it!”
-Emily Diamond-Falk, 2005 Graduate

“I truly valued my time in the MAHG program at Stockton. In addition to providing me with an excellent background in comparative genocide studies, the program helped me develop the research skills necessary to pursue advanced graduate work and an academic career.”
-Cyanne E. Loyle, 2004 Graduate

“The Master of Arts in Holocaust and Genocide Studies program is by far the best graduate program in which I have ever been involved. There is no question that it will be a life changing experience for any student who completes the program. The knowledge and material a classroom teacher can bring back to the students is invaluable. Each and every seminar has its own unique perspective that contributes to the strength of the whole experience. As a culminating experience, I would highly recommend going on the European Study Tour to the sites of mass destruction. It will expand your understanding of what took place over sixty years ago. The MAHG program has made me a better teacher, husband, father, son, and – most of all – a better person.”
-Douglas Cervi, 2002 Graduate