Study Tour to the Sites

Upcoming Study Tour for Stockton Students

There is an upcoming study tour to attend the Peace Building Institute, which is sponsored by Stockton University & Never Again Rwanda. It will be held in Kigali, Rwanda from June 18-30, 2018.

The two week institute includes:
• Graduate or undergraduate course credit
• Language immersion
• Lodging for institute days
• Breakfasts and lunches
• Entrance for Nyamata, Ntarama, and Kigali genocide memorials
• Transportation to and from the Kigali airport

Learn about financial aid options:
Stockton University:
• Student research fellowships
• Student travel grants
• Global Engagement scholarships

Outside funding opportunities:
• Gilman Scholarship program for undergraduates
• Fund for Education Abroad

For questions or more information contact Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey & Sarah Albertson at