MAHG Capstone Projects

MAHG Capstones can be pursued along four tracks: theses, special projects, internships and the study tour. Students are encouraged to start thinking about their Capstone projects from the moment they start the program, so that course work and out-of-classroom experiences can contribute to strong final projects that advance personal, intellectual and career goals.

Our Spring 2016 Capstone Presentations were well attended and a huge success. We would like to thank and congratulate our students for the hard work, dedication, and devotion to their studies.

Spring 2016 Capstones

MAHG Capstone presentations on May 4, 2016. Pictured from left to right, Zoey Guarino, Tiffany Thomas, Vincent Rodgers, Andrea Heymann, and Charlena Hamilton
MAHG Capstone presentations on May 4, 2016. Pictured from left to right, Zoey Guarino, Tiffany Thomas, Vincent Rodgers, Andrea Heymann, and Charlena Hamilton

Zoey Guarino
Capstone Presentation: “Preservation of the Jewish Self: The Resistance Spectrum and the Holocaust”

Charlena Hamilton
Capstone Presentation: “Visualizing the Presence of Absence: Commemorating the Warsaw Ghetto in Postwar Poland”

Andrea Heymann
Capstone Presentation: “Drawing Against Oblivion; Portraits of Children of the Holocaust: A Project in Art Curation”
Abstract: My capstone project, “Drawing Against Oblivion” Portraits of Children of the Holocaust: A Project in Art Curation,” helped lay the groundwork for the upcoming “Drawing Against Oblivion” exhibit that will be arriving at Stockton University in the Fall of 2016. The “Drawing Against Oblivion” exhibit is an offshoot of the 2015 documentary film on the Austrian artist Manfred Bockelmann’s and the story of how he came to start drawing charcoal portraits of child victims of the Holocaust. For my Capstone project, I was responsible for the following: assembling the audio guide for the art exhibit, analyzing the art gallery space to see how many drawings Mr. Bockelmann could bring to campus and how to arrange them, and collecting and researching photos from local Holocaust survivors family members to see if we could incorporate their loved ones into the art exhibit.

Vincent Rodgers
Capstone Presentation: “The Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture Internship”
Abstract: In the fall semester of 2015, I interned in the operations department at the Bellevue/NYU Program for Survivors of Torture (PSOT). The program provides comprehensive medical and mental health care, as well as social and legal services to survivors of torture and war trauma and their family members. As an operations intern, my duties included writing newsletters, writing articles, updating the social media pages, filing, book keeping, planning, and grant writing. PSOT is a fantastic, non-profit organization with a dedicated staff to helping survivors fleeing persecution from around the world. I was honored to be a part of such a dedicated team of people who truly care about the well-being of these survivors. Using my educational back ground and my current employment in marketing I was able to draw connections to our unique program. For example, drawing connections to Holocaust survivors and the survivors I saw on a daily basis, having the knowledge of war torn areas and the people fleeing those areas, and learning skills on how to talk to survivors so they can be more open to discussing their issues. I was also able to transfer my skills in marketing for a corporation into marketing (operations) for a non-profit. I learned that non-profits need marketing, as any kind of organization does, and I was happy to apply these skills to PSOT for a greater cause. Interning for PSOT has put me on a career path of non-profit work that I hope to fulfill. I want to thank the MAHG program for giving me the educational back ground and the confidence to achieve this goal.

Tiffany Thomas
Capstone Presentation: “Cambodian Genocide Undergraduate Curriculum Development”

Fall 2015 Capstones

From Left to Right: Dr. Marion Hussong, Graduate Kathleen Tabassp, Dr. Michael Hayse, Graduate Samantha Hunter Buckley, Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey
Pictured from Left to Right: Dr. Marion Hussong, Graduate Kathleen Tabassp, Dr. Michael Hayse, Graduate Samantha Hunter Buckley, Dr. Elisa von Joeden-Forgey

Samantha Hunter Buckley
Capstone Presentation: “Eugenics: A Global Movement” (Online Learning Tool)

Kathleen Tabasso
Capstone Presentation: “A Holocaust and Genocide Library”

Spring 2015 Capstones


Laurie Garcia
Capstone Presentation: “The Genocidal System: The Armenian Genocide and Levels of Perpetration”

Sarah Stout
Capstone Presentation: “Our Elder Brothers: Pope John Paul II and the Jews”
Abstract: My participation in the May 2014 Stockton Faculty Led Study Tour to Poland, Tour to Poland, Lithuania, and Germany highlighted the adoration of the world’s first Polish Catholic Pope as his recent addition to Catholic sainthood united the Polish nation in a new way. As an international leader, Pope John Paul II became a symbol for hope and change for all Catholics across the globe. Yet, his influence extended far beyond the boundaries of Catholicism. Known to many as Karol Wojtyla and fondly remembered by others as little Lolek, Pope John Paul II committed a majority of his time and efforts into strengthening the ties and relationships between Catholics and Jews. His commitment to pursuing a policy of peace through love, understanding, and open dialogue worked to reverse the centuries of antisemitism embedded within Christian Europe and that the Nazis brought to fruition in the middle of the 20th Century. My Capstone project included the creation of a website that attempts to provide a small examination into the life and work of Pope John Paul II in his efforts to overcome the destructive forces of hatred and bring together the Catholic and Jewish religions that he believed were so intimately linked. The website also serves as a database to provide readers with resources and sources for further exploration.

Fall 2014 Capstones

Charles Christopher Weisbecker
Capstone Presentation: “Invisible Victims: Sexualized Violence Against Men during Genocide and Armed Conflict”

Spring 2014 Capstones


Lillian Hussong
Capstone Presentation: “LGBT Africa and the Threat of Genocide” (Thesis Proposal)

Joshua Kalb
Capstone Presentation: “Teaching the Holocaust in High School Survey Courses: A Model Teaching Unit Based on Best Practices”

Michael Morris
Capstone Presentation: “Internship at the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum through the Washington Internship Program”

Courtney Sands
Capstone Presentation: “The Lipper Internship at the Museum of Jewish Heritage”

Fall 2013 Capstones

Jennifer Gansert
Capstone Presentation: “Has Germany’s Guilt Gone Too Far: The Over-Saturation of Holocaust Memorials in Berlin”

Jessica Scheuren
Capstone Presentation: “Exceptionally Righteous of Poland”

Kelsey Schneider
Capstone Presentation: “Collective Guilt of the German Population: Assigned or Acquired?”

Elizabeth Thrall
Capstone Presentation: “Genocide Teaching Unit”

Spring 2013 Capstones

  • Catherine Howell
  • Kelly Schwier
  • Jessica Hulten
  • Dorene Sellarole