Stockton Undergraduates

The MAHG Program is proud to be a part of Stockton’s long tradition of educating undergraduates about the Holocaust and other genocides.

Stockton undergraduates are welcome at all of our events and are encouraged to get involved!

There are many ways to be involved:

Stockton students can also apply to take MAHG courses while still matriculated in the undergraduate program. Students can take up to two graduate courses (6 credits) for undergraduate credit before graduation. The MAHG courses will be covered by flat-rate tuition (plus a small fee per credit hour) if the student is already enrolled in 12-20 credits for the semester in which the graduate course is to be taken. If students decide to enroll in the MAHG Program upon graduation, these courses will also apply to their MAHG degree at no extra cost. To apply to take MAHG courses, a student must have completed 96 semester hours of undergraduate credits and have a GPA of 3.2

Stockton students who wish to apply directly to the MAHG Program upon or soon after graduation may be able to do so through the Direct Entry option.