Mary Maudsley: “The Holocaust in the Courtroom: Famous, Infamous, and Unknown Trails”

Presented by Mary J. Maudsley, JD, MA*

Mary Maudsley is an adjunct faculty member of the Holocaust and Genocide Program of Stockton Univeristy. A retired trial attorney, she was a Fellow of the Northwestern University Holocaust Education Foundation. She is the retired Chair of the New Jersey Supreme Court Disciplinary Review Board. As an attorney she specialized in ethics matters, discrimination Mary Maudsley Poster Smallissues, and state and local government litigation. She has been teaching about justice and the Holocaust for more than a decade. Her current research involves a 1979 libel trial between a Hungarian rabbi and a Distinguished Professor arising out of events during the Holocaust in Hungary.

*BA, MA Washington University St. Louis, Political Science; JD Temple University Law School; MA Richard Stockton College of NJ, Holocaust and Genocide Studies