Myrna Goldenberg, Ph. D.

Professor Emerita at Montgomery College
Ida E. King Distinguished Scholar from 2005-2006

Dr. Goldenberg has taught at several colleges, including Montgomery College in Maryland, St. Cloud University, the University of Maryland, the University of Virginia and John Hopkins University. She has edited a number of books and written more than forty articles. Among her books are Experience and Expression: Women, the Nazis, and the Holocaust, which she co-edited with former Ida E. King Distinguished Professor Dr. Elizabeth Baer. Dr. Goldenberg is currently working on a book (co-edited with Rochelle Millen) about teaching the Holocaust.

Ph.D., University of Maryland
M.A., University of Arkansas
B.S., City University of New York

Areas of Expertise:
Holocaust and Genocide Studies; gender & hunger during the Holocaust, American Jewish women’s literature and history,  and education.

Selected Publications: