Mary Johnson, Ph.D.

Senior Historian, Facing History and Ourselves


ary Johnson has a doctorate in Modern European History and her dissertation was about the women of the people during the French Revolution, “Possardes, Patriotes and San Jupons.” She has been with Facing History and Ourselves, an inter-national teacher training organization for 33 years and currently serves as the Senior Historian. Among her principal responsibilities at Facing History are: conducting sem-
inars and workshops on a wide variety of topics related to the Holocaust and modern genocide and the American Civil Rights Movement and researching issues dealing with the Holocaust, human rights and social justice. Mary began her teaching career as a Peace Corps Volunteer teacher in the bush of Northern Nigeria where she created her own school. Mary’s publications have dealt with women’s history, Holocaust and geno-cide studies and educational pedagogy.

Areas of Expertise: Modern European History, Social Justice, Holocaust Studies, International Education, Human Rights.

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