MAHG Grant, Fellowship, Assistanship, and Internship Opportunities

Stockton Graduate Assistantships
Graduate Assistantships are an important form of financial support for degree-seeking graduate students and are offered by each of the graduate programs. Assistantships are granted in the form of tuition waiver and can vary from a one (1) credit waiver to nine (9) credits or the maximum tuition charge per semester, whichever is applicable. Awards are made on a semester basis during the academic year (August – May).  Nominations are made by the faculty and program director of each graduate program and are then forwarded to the Dean of The School of Graduate and Continuing Studies for final approval. Students who are approved for an assistantship will receive an offer-of-appointment letter from the Dean.

Students must submit a Graduate Assistantship Application and letter of interest to their program director no later than October 31 for Spring semesters and March 31 for Fall semesters.

Assistantship applications and information available on the Graduate Studies website here.

Stockton Graduate Students Scholarships for the 2016-2017 Academic Year
There are two types of Scholarships available for both undergraduates and graduates. The common application for the Foundation Scholarships will be all you need to apply to all the scholarships they offer. To apply for the specific Holocaust and Genocide Studies Scholarships, you will need to fill out a separate application that can be obtained from Gail Rosenthal in the Holocaust Resource Center.
Deadline: March 2016

Scholarship applications and information available on the Stockton Foundation website may be found by clicking here.

The following  scholarships are available:

  • Joseph Berkman and Michael and Sara Chipkin Holocaust/Genocide Studies
  • Koopman-van de Kar Award for Graduate Students

Stockton Distinguished Graduate Fellowship
Awards (stipends) are available up to $2000.00 per project to assist graduate students in pursuit of projects of a research and/or creative nature. Application deadlines are: December 1 for the Fall Funding Cycle and March 1 for the Spring Funding Cycle.

Eligibility Criteria:
Students must be enrolled full or part-time as matriculated graduate students at Stockton during a.) the semester immediately preceding, b.) the semester in which funds will be utilized; c.) the semester in which the second half of funding is paid. Students must be in good academic standing as defined by a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.00 scale.

Projects must meet all of the following:
a) will contribute to the evidence base of concepts, theories, and/or practice within one’s discipline.
b) will result in a peer-reviewed journal article and/or presentation at a professional conference, seminar or workshop on the state, national, or international level.

Fellowship Applications and information available on the Graduate Studies website found here.

Internships serve as a course (MAHG 5900) and can be used as a final Capstone Experience for MAHG students. Internships at a variety of institutions and organizations can be used to fulfill this requirement.

Here is a list of popular and possible options:

  • Lipper Internship – Museum of Jewish Heritage | Located in: New York, New York
    Description: The Lipper Internship is a semester-long, paid museum education internship for graduate and undergraduate students from across the Northeast that connects interns to local schools in order to teach about the Holocaust and Jewish heritage. The program begins with two weeks of training in New York City, where interns will meet with Museum staff and Holocaust survivors. Back in their college communities, interns share their knowledge by teaching public middle and high school students about the Holocaust, both through classroom visits and accompanying students and their teachers on visits to the Museum.
  • United States Holocaust Memorial Museum | Located In: Washington, DC
    Description: The Museum’s internship program enables qualified candidates to learn about the Holocaust as well as the way the Museum operates. Interns take part in hands-on projects and work directly with Holocaust scholars and Museum professionals.
  • The Washington Internship Program | Located In Many Areas of Washington, DC
    Description: The Washington Internship program is an intensive para-professional and academic experience in which Stockton students live, work, and study in the Washington, DC metropolitan region. Stockton University is affiliated with the nation’s largest internship organization, The Washington Center. This organization provides all the major facets of a student’s internship experience, i.e., facilitating the application process; distributing the application to potential placement sites; providing program activities, advising, supervision, and evaluation; hiring faculty for the evening classes; and providing housing and residence life activities.

Other Possible Options:

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