Frequently Asked Questions

What is the length of the program?
A student must complete a total of 36 hours of graduate credit, which usually amounts to 12 three-credit graduate courses. This includes two core courses and one Capstone experience.

To complete the Capstone experience, a student may choose to complete a master’s thesis for the equivalent of 6 credit hours that he or she will defend as part of the degree requirements. The alternative track is to take 33 hours of graduate course work plus an additional 3 credits of course work within the graduate program as fieldwork, as language study, as a special project, as an independent study, or as an internship.

Students choosing to complete a master’s thesis will engage in a research tutorial directed by the faculty member serving as the thesis advisor. It is good to make a decision about a thesis early on in the program.

Do I need to have a specific degree for admittance into the program?
No, however, applicants must have a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university.  If you are a recent Stockton graduate, you may qualify for the Direct Entry Option.

Can Stockton undergraduates take MAHG courses for credit?
Yes. Stockton undergraduates can apply to take up to two MAHG courses for credit. Students who successfully complete these courses will receive credit towards their undergraduate degree and, if they enroll in the MAHG Program upon graduation, they will also receive graduate credit for these courses. In order to apply to take these courses, students must have completed 96 semester hours of undergraduate credits and must have a GPA of 3.2. The Graduate Course Access Form can be found here.

What are the prerequisites?

Are GRE scores required?
No standardized tests are required.

When are students admitted to the program?
Students are admitted in both Fall and Spring semesters. If you wish to start taking MAHG courses in the summer, you must register as a non-matriculated student. More information about the process can be found here.

When is the deadline for applications?
The deadline for completed Fall applications is July 1. The deadline for completed Spring applications is December 1.

Can I take some courses in the MAHG Program prior to being admitted into the program?
Yes. Up to two courses may be attempted on a non-matriculated basis. However, performance in these courses does not guarantee admission. Please visit the website for the Non-Matriculated (Non Degree) Option.

Can I transfer credits to the MAHG Program?
Yes. Up to 9 credits (normally three graduate courses) may be transferred from an outside institution, subject to approval by the MAHG Director.

Can the program be completed as a part-time student?
Yes, the program can be completed as a part-time student. Many of our students take one course per semester. We strongly encourage students to consider taking no more than two courses per semester, especially if they have jobs outside of the program, as our courses involve a great deal of reading and writing.

Can credits for the Genocide Prevention Certificate (GPC) be applied to the master’s degree?
Yes, all credits taken as part of the Genocide Prevention Certificate can be applied to the master’s degree. The credits will automatically apply for students who are matriculated in the MAHG Program. Students who are matriculated in the GPC Program will need to formally apply to and matriculate in the MAHG Program in order for their credits to count towards the master’s degree. The application requirements for the MAHG degree can be viewed here.

Please note that performance in the GPC Program does not guarantee admission to the MAHG Program.

Can I take the entire master’s program online?
Yes. The MAHG Program is now available entirely online. Online MAHG students complete the 15-credit Genocide Prevention Certificate Program and then take a combination of online courses, independent studies, internships, language immersion programs, special projects, and Capstone classes to reach the required 36 credits. Like the in-person program, the online program accommodates a variety of student interests and needs.  If you are interested in receiving the MA online, please contact MAHG Director Raz Segal at to discuss what is possible.