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MAHG Curriculum– 36 credits
(Note: All GPC courses are open to MAHG students.)
Online courses are in red.
Core Courses- 6 credits
(H= Holocaust Electives; G= Genocide Electives, GPC = Genocide Prevention Program)
For the master’s degree, a minimum of two Holocaust Electives and two Genocide Electives required
MAHG/GPC 5000 The History of the Holocaust  ONLINE MAHG/GPC 5001 The History of Genocide  ONLINE
Electives- 27 credits:
MAHG 5002 Rescuers and Bystanders (H) MAHG 5030 The Armenian Genocide (G)
MAHG 5003 Holocaust and Genocide Education MAHG 5032 Literature and Genocide (G)
MAHG 5004 Holocaust and the American Experience (H) MAHG/GPC 5033 Genocide Prevention Research Seminar ONLINE
MAHG 5005 Contemporary Genocide (G) MAHG 5034 Genocide Prevention (G)
MAHG 5006 Jewish History and Culture Before the Holocaust (H) MAHG 5035: Contemporary Genocides in Africa (G)
MAHG 5007 Selected Topics with the Ida E. King Distinguished Scholar MAHG 5036: Holocaust, Memory and Commemoration (G)
MAHG 5008 Jewish-Christian Relations in the Shadow of Auschwitz MAHG/GPC 5037 Perpetrator Behavior: Implications for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention ONLINE (G)
MAHG 5009 Antisemitism MAHG/GPC 5038 Early Prevention of Mass Atrocities  ONLINE (G)
MAHG 5010 Gender, War, and Genocide (G) MAHG/GPC 5039 Aftermath: Transitional Justice and Collective Memory in the Wake of Genocide ONLINE (G)
MAHG 5011 The Psychology of Genocide (G) MAHG/GPC 5040 Religion & Genocide Prevention ONLINE (G)
MAHG 5012 Resistance During the Holocaust (H)  MAHG 5042 Theories of Genocide
MAHG 5013 Art and Propaganda under National Socialism (H) MAHG 5044 Lemkin and the Genocide Convention (G)
MAHG 5016 Europe in the Twentieth Century MAHG 5045 Genocide and Colonialism (G)
MAHG 5017 Women During the Holocaust (H) MAHG/GPC 5046 Genocide Prevention and the Law ONLINE (G)
MAHG 5018 Non Jewish Victims of the Nazis (H) MAHG 5047 The Jewish-Palestinian Conflict (H)
MAHG 5019 The Holocaust in Literature & Film (H) MAHG/GPC 5048 National Mechanisms for Genocide Prevention ONLINE (G)
MAHG 5020 Literature of the Holocaust (H) MAHG 5049 New Approaches to the Holocaust (H)
 MAHG 5021 Modern German History & the Holocaust (H) MAHG 5052 Research Methods  (H)
MAHG 5026 Holocaust, Terrorism, & Genocide  MAHG/EDUC 5353 Literature & Culture: Special Topics  (H)
  MAHG 5027 Germany & Holocaust After 1945    MAHG 5800 Independent Study  (H)
  MAHG 5028 Genocide: Special Topics (G)
MAHG 5029 The UN, Human Rights & Genocide (G)
Capstone Experience- minimum 3 credits
These courses can be taken in person or online (with approval).
MAHG 5022 Study Seminar to the Sites MAHG 5850 Independent Study Capstone Project
MAHG 5880 Thesis MAHG 5900 Internships
 The online Genocide Prevention Certificate Program (GPC) consists of 15 credits and can be applied to the current MAHG curriculum. Please click here for more information on the GPC. For instructions on completing an application to the GPC Program, please click here.
  GPC Curriculum- 15 credits 
Required Introductory Course- 3 credits (choose one)
GPC 5000 History of the Holocaust (3 credits)
GPC 5001 History of Genocide (3 credits)
Elective Courses- 9 credits (choose three)
GPC 5037 Perpetrator Behavior: Implications for Genocide and Mass Atrocity Prevention (3 credits)
GPC 5038 Early Prevention of Mass Atrocities (3 credits)
GPC 5039 Aftermath: Transitional Justice and Collective Memory in the Wake of Genocide (3 credits)
GPC 5040 Religion and Genocide Prevention (3 credits)
GPC 5046 Genocide Prevention and the Law (3 credits)
GPC 5048 5048 National Mechanisms for Genocide Prevention  (3 credits)
Research Course- 3 credits (required)
GPC 5033 Genocide Prevention Research Seminar (3 credits)

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